January 2014

McKinsey report shows culture critical to gender diversity

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In the latest survey from McKinsey & Co on gender and workplace diversity, the results indicate that collective, cultural factors at work are more than twice as likely as individual factors to link to women’s confidence that they can reach top management.

Internet Addiction and Long Hours Working

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The Telegraph have just published an aticle basd on a research project studying Internet addiction. (see http://bit.ly/1goh9KD). The report shows that individuals who report a high level of compulsive use of the Internet were found to be at a high risk of suffering from isolation, depression and anxiety. However, the report also points out that these are high achievers who are naturally 'workaholics' and inclined to put in long hours anyway.

Let's get away from "the workplace"

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With the New Year comes publication of an interview about Future Work by Jana Hlistova of the SWSCDaily website (full title: Smart Women Smart Conversations). In the interview, I told Jana that the ideal workplace is not a single place. Current workplaces are becoming more like meeting places and much of our concentrated work or isolated work can be done on the move, or in a smart work hub somewhere. One that I particularly like is the British Library, which has connectivity and a great cafe.

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