The last rush hour?

Alison Maitland's picture

Fred Pilot, California-based author of Last Rush Hour, just interviewed Peter and me for a podcast about how work is changing in the 21st century. Fred is a healthcare specialist who now focuses on the decentralization of knowledge work - the topic of his book. On a Skype connection that shows how communications technology is not yet perfect, we discussed the central role of trust in the new relationship between organisations and their people, and the (often impeded) desire across the generations to have more control over how work gets done. We also talked about the death of the traditional office, the growth of work hubs closer to where people live, and the role of managers in ensuring that working "anytime, anywhere" does not mean working all the time, everywhere. It's appropriate the interview coincides with the Paris climate change summit, since future work can contribute significantly to the solutions we urgently need to save the planet. 

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