More men part-time working

Peter Thomson's picture

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has just issued a report showing that 1in 5 men aged from 25 to 55 in low paid jobs are now working part-time.  This compares with 1 in 20, 20 years ago.

This has been painted in the media as exploitation by employers, providing insecure employment against peoples wishes. The assumption is that all workers, particularly men, want full-time premanent jobs. In practice this isn't true.  In the book we point to the trend for more men to be taking the primary responsibility for child care. So we shouldn't be surprised to see an increase in the number of men working part-time.

Another recent survey, this time from the ILM, claims that 74% of UK employees want a more flexible working culture. The research also highlights a growing demand among employees for a greater say in business decisions with around two thirds of survey respondents claiming they want to have more of an influence at work. This supports our views in the book about the demand from employees for a 'Type B' culture.

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