Videos about the book

Interview with AlisonMaitland

Follow these links to see video clips from The Conference Board web interview with Alison about Future Work:

What is 'Future Work'?

Where does flex work usually fall short?

Should future work be driven from top down or bottom up?

How should leaders change their mindset?

Can people collaborate well virtually?

Which is better, the office or remote working?

In moving to a future workplace, where do companies go wrong?

Future Work : Changing World
Watch this video to see some interesting facts and figures about how the world of work is changing

Interview with the authors
Below you can see the authors being interviewed about the themes and messages from their book. You can choose to watch the full version, which lasts about eight minutes, or a shortened version which only lasts four minutes.

This first one is the shorter version.

Or if you have a bit more time, why not watch the longer, eight minute, interview?

Book launch
This video shows excerpts from the authors' presentations at the launch of the book on 18th October 2011






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